The construction advantage  

Managing a construction site is an unfair task. On a typical day, you will find 10 managers on the site and 200 workers. Unless site managers can be in all the work areas all the time, it’s hard to keep track of works. 

But this changes now – site managers can be everywhere and see everything all the time.
Trusstor’s C2 (Command and Control ) Suite provides unprecedented visibility of building resources on site (workers, materials, equipment, and tools) and introduces fascinating insights about construction operations. 

Re-imagining benchmarks 

when we can see how many workers, hours, materials, and equipment are needed for a job, we can recalibrate our operations benchmarks. Weekly work plans, project schedules, and contractual expectations are shaped by the constructors KPI’s, so we better get them right. 

Precision Improvements 

medium to large projects will probably have more than 30 different sub-contractors, with hundreds of workers operating in hundreds of different locations. Directing attention to people, areas, and trades in these conditions is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Using Trussotr’s operations reports, general contractors can focus on specific safety and efficiency issues instead of chronically feeling that work is not as expected. 

Construction inteligence 

Once operational visibility increases, it’s possible to make smarter observations and utilize the power of big data and analytics. For example, a comparison of workers’ behavior during work hours, together with time stamps of completed tasks, can give us a more granular overview of sources of productivity or delays. For example, in one of our sites, three weeks of workers monitoring allowed the project manager to revise daily routines and increase wrench time by 17%.   

Building excellence 

Each construction company has its strengths and specialties. With construction intelligence, specialties can be enhanced, and strengths can be leveraged. Besides continuously improving construction operations, GCs can now focus on critical indicators that signal their excellence. What will be the thing that makes you different from others? What makes your company better to work with? is it a high level of control? Or is it consistent work scheduling for sub-contractors?

With enhanced visibility and construction intelligence, we can now control construction operations at greater precision and build the improvements we desire alongside the buildings we construct. 
At Trusstor, we call it building superstructures with superpowers.

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