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Real-Time Dashboard

Displayed by a Real-time dashboard, Trusstor conveys data, insights,  alerts, and asset locations using a clear user interface. Executing our key principal of simple solution for complex problems with minimum effort and maximum impact – there is no need for any clicking or dealing with the interface to extract data and status.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Construction sites are among the most complex production floors in the industrious world. In this large & hectic working environment, it’s nearly impossible to fully utilize all assets. By Tracking personnel, materials, equipment, and tools within the site, Trusstor allows the site to perform at its best. Have maximum control of your site with real-time monitoring, geo-fencing, location-based alerts, and many other location-based features.

Workplan Generator

Trusstor developed it’s very own easy to use and clear to understand workplan generator based on the “Last Planner” concept. Creating a common language between all levels of management, team leaders, and sub-contractors, Trusstor knows of all planned activities and resource allocation within the site – thus helping managers better track progress and ensuring no overlaps of tasks are done.

Productivity Reports

A simple and efficient automated report generator, helping site management better review project status and future planning. Bridging the gap between on-site and corporate management by creating a common language and sharable attention points.

Real-Time Alerts

It’s no secret that construction sites are complex and dangerous working environments. Trusstor enables safety supervision by monitoring the working methodology and provide real-time alerts for the relevant managers within the site.