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Zero-intrusion IoT

Built for builders by builders, Trusstor has created the simplest IoT for construction wearables approach, fully accessible and usable for everyone. This solution seamlessly and non-intrusively integrates into the on-site working environment to deliver advanced oversight and reporting capabilities.

Trusstor is a minimum-resources solution that is fast and frictionless to deploy. It easily integrates with existing corporate reporting systems to boost construction management, cooperation and collaboration.

Personal Smart Badge
Personal Smart Badge
Designed based on GNSS, Bluetooth 5.0 and LoRa technology to support indoor and outdoor tracking of personnel and equipment.
Location Beacon
Location Beacon
Disposable, BLE-based and battery-based, pre-configured and deployed around the site according to set locations, they communicate with our Smart Badges to indicate their location within the site in real time.
Equipment locator
Equipment Locator
Durable, super efficient and simple to install. Once attached to any equipment, its location is monitored and communicated by Trusstor’s Smart Tags in use throughout the entire site.
construction software management

Complete visibility in real time

Trusstor gives visibility of the progress of each on-site project in real-time, detailing the activities, and completion rate, of each construction milestone.

Resource allocation
Resource allocation
Activity monitoring
Activity monitoring
Smart alerts
Smart alerts
real time dashboard

Efficient on-site management

Through a designated mobile app, field managers and on-site teams have instant access to the real-time status and progress of on-site activities, allowing for effective construction workforce management, automated walkarounds, and equipment location finder and deployment.

Resource allocation
Real-time dashboard
Activity monitoring
Suggested walkaround
Smart alerts
Actual vs. planned activities alerts
On-site mobile app

Dynamic workplan and progress monitor, combined

Automatically plan, manage, execute and monitor your weekly on-site activities to ensure effective construction resource scheduling with no time delays. This template-based solution is tailored specifically to how a Last Planner system in construction is used, allowing you to respond and react to what is happening on site, ensuring work is completed or instantly rescheduled to ensure milestones are met.

Resource allocation
Construction progress tracking
Activity monitoring
Resources and subs planning adjustments
Smart alerts
Project progress and health analytics
Dynamic workplan and progress monitor

Well-informed safety management, at maximum speed

Trusstor delivers real-time, digital insights to immediately identify when urgent issues arise, dramatically decreasing the time it takes to act. We help builders raise safety standards on site, save valuable time, unplanned costs, and, most importantly — save lives.

Resource allocation
Location of workers and equipment involved
Witnesses around
Smart alerts
Activities performed
Activity monitoring
Environmental conditions
Abnormal behavior
Smart alerts
Real-time safety incident alerts
Activity monitoring
Incident reports
Resource allocation
Best-practice notifications

Tailored-to-site construction intelligence

This data flowing from Trusstor’s simplest IoT wearables approach gives automated and highly customizable performance analytics, while also enabling managers to choose their own data points from different sources, such as Procore, OraclePrimavera, Microsoft and Autodesk.

Performance analytics
  • Resource utilization analysis and benchmarks
  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Cross-referencing of all on-site data
  • Work hours monitoring, reporting and analysis
  • Sub-contractor performance monitoring
  • Advanced hoist analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Instant safety incident reports
Executive dashboard

With one glance, construction executives  can instantly see a snapshot of the progress and efficiencies of multiple on-site projects on one screen, whether desktop or mobile, to better monitor and manage construction sites.

  • Efficiency score
  • Safety score
  • High-level site progress tracker
  • Linked to site monitors and summaries
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