Making reality your best advisor

If you could be in all places at all times, you could have seen many improvement opportunities.
With Trusstor’s C2 Suite, you can be everywhere and always. And you’ll be amazed by what you will discover. 

Did you know that workers spend around 15% of their time waiting for elevators?

Crazy… isn’t it? But when you see the numbers, you can’t deny the facts. In one of our projects, we analyzed the workers’ elevator-waiting patterns and noticed that they accumulated to a significant part of their workday. With the data collected, the project manager could explain a requirement for elevator time management between subcontractors. 

Did you know that some subcontractors move into new activities too late?

Of course, you know that, but do you know which ones? And how late? In another project, we identified a delayed work initiation for a particular subcontractor. With reference to the exact delays and tasks, the project superintendent decided to monitor the delaying subcontractor more closely, which resulted in realignment with the expected schedule. 

Do you know what percentage of planned activities are performed as planned?

We won’t tell you. You’ll have to find out for yourself. But we can tell you that with the Trusstor C2 suite, project managers enjoy unprecedented visibility into operational discrepancies and deviations from work plans. 

Understanding how things work is the first step towards fixing issues, and understanding how things work is the first step to understanding what happened. For example, for one of our clients, having a complete picture of workers’ presence in an area of a safety violation meant a difference between quick retrospective and re-briefing or a lengthy investigation of uncooperative workers into what happened. 

If you don’t see things, you’ll keep bumping into them. And in a construction site, bumps are more something you want to avoid, especially when they mean costly inefficiencies and dangerous accidents. 

Install Trusstor’s C2 suite in your sites and see the difference. 

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