How Industries Transform

All industries transform. It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when. But the answer to when is not measured in dates; it’s measured in conditions. The speed at which industries transform and the quality of transformation are guided by a delicate relationship between individuals, organizations, and stakeholders. 

Individual developers and adopters transform organizations. Organizations transform markets and industries and change stakeholders’ expectations. When this relationship is beneficial for all, individuals, organizations, and stakeholders support each other’s changes, and transformations accelerate. But when individuals and organizations don’t find value in transformations or when stakeholders force transformations that prevent organizational or individual prosperity, problems begin. 

We believe that two secret spices spark the magic of broad and high-impact transformations: vision and intelligence. So in practical terms, we focused on developing the next generation of construction intelligence technology that allows construction project managers and companies to receive an operational and efficient overview at high resolution. 

The construction site is the construction industry’s heartland. As long as the visibility of the main production ground is unclear, synchronized, informed,  mutually beneficial, and acceptable, the transformation will remain challenging to direct. And that’s what we intend to change using enhanced visibility and construction intelligence. 

Construction professionals are curious and simultaneously concerned about operational visibility. So the role of startups and innovators is to accelerate transformation at the same time as pacing improvements to the speed of productive transitions. So instead of drowning our clients with overwhelming insights, we focus on particular and context-related areas of interest. Too much visibility is blinding, but not enough visibility will keep our clients in the dark. To make changes where they matter, the intelligent thing is to build capabilities instead of flashing complexities. This should be the first concern of construction intelligence solutions. These areas are currently efficiency, safety, operational improvements, and strengthening supervision. Again from the production ground up. Meaning from the project managers to the companies and then to the authorities. Smart transformations will encourage site-up improvements. If you want to transform, don’t go to the authorities, go to the individuals – help them see more, learn faster, and improve. Make them proud of what they do, and they will gladly share their experience with everyone else.  Transformation is from within, and visibility that’s self-motivated should be grooming and contributing to the collaboration between individuals, organizations, and authorities, instead of a discouraging source of concerns.  

To transform industries, build bridges instead of highlighting chasms. 

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