How to prosper during hard times  

The next generation of command and control platforms for construction management guarantee improvements, even in chaotic times. 

When material costs rise, supply chains delay, and the bargaining power of subcontractors and professional labor increases – operations improvements become a crucial factor in General Contractors’ success. 

Construction costs have risen by fifteen to twenty-five percent over the past 18 months. Exposing just the tip of the iceberg of challenges general contractors now face. Soon-to-follow stresses around operations, quality, and safety await to drown even titanic construction companies.  

In stormy times, as profitability, managerial control, and risk assurance are compromised – the new generation of construction tech is a worthy life raft to evaluate.

Unlike the previous generation of construction tech (primarily digital versions of the same work tools), new platforms, augmented by advanced data-gathering instruments and supported by artificial intelligence, provide more than just work tools. They also introduce sophisticated advisory capabilities. 

For example, the Trusstor C2 – Command and Control suite automatically identifies and suggests operations and safety improvements and offers project managers a buffet of potential fixes that reduce risks, costs, and managerial headaches. Next-generation solutions, such as the C2 suite, harbor a work-as-you-‘re-used-to approach regarding project management but complement them with a drive-through convenience when choosing what can be done differently. 

Trusstor offers three immediate improvements that help general contractors turn the new normal into a new opportunity.  

  1. Hedging safety accountabilities and risks with complete visibility of workers’ safety compliances. When workers ask for more money, project managers can ask for more liability. 

  2. Increasing accountability to critical path commitments. With continuous analysis of work-plans fulfillment, site management teams can better enforce operational expectations and obligations. 

  3. Accurately measuring necessary wrench time for each contractor and construction activity allows greater control of budgets and efficiency.  

Despite rising construction costs, material cost fluctuations, and increased competition over skilled labor, general contractors can stay above water by leveraging next-generation technologies to introduce improvements against all odds. 

Turn inflation into good fortune – Call Trusstor.

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