Five ways construction companies can use tech to boost their bankroll and beef up profit margins

Omri Sorek, Trusstor CEO & Co-founder :


If you want to stay ahead of the pack in construction, it’s time to embrace the power of on-site digitization. Trust me, this ain’t some fancy talk. It’s about gaining a serious, razor-sharp edge over your competition while saving cash along the way. 


So, here’s a quick dive into the five ways tech and digitization can boost your bankroll and beef up your profit margins.

#1 Rescuing your team from paperwork hell

Say goodbye to manual paperwork and hello to digital data flows. Wearable IoT (Internet of Things) devices are more than just fancy gadgets. Construction firms are using them to capture data on the fly, track workers and tools around construction sites, keep tabs on the progress of on-site projects, document any incidents, and much more. No more manually filling in timesheets for daily workers to track when they started work and for how long. This is all automated like other manual paperwork processes. It’s all about real-time updates, less room for errors, and no more frantically searching for that one piece of paper you can never find.

#2 Trimming the fat by streamlining your processes

Technology can enhance on-site efficiencies while minimizing costs. For example, imagine the control and effectiveness of having a manager to oversee each room of your project but without the financial impact of it. Digitization using IoT wearables can deliver this and more. Each worker and equipment can be accounted for in real-time ensuring that just the right amount of resources can be used for each project milestone and when problems arise resources can be deployed as necessary. No more wasted time and resources from workers being in the wrong place, doing the wrong task at the wrong time.

#3 Supercharging your profit margins

Okay, so now let’s talk money. Saving it is always a good thing, right? Well, with streamlined processes and improved efficiency, you’ll get more done in less time. You will also be able to track and deploy resources more effectively on-site, which means fewer labor hours wasted, fewer mistakes to fix, less re-works to complete, and more profits in your pocket. It’s a win for your bottom line. Your liabilities will also be lower thanks to digitized and precise documentation, to facilitate effective post-event claims processes and risk management. You’ll see insurance claims dwindle and insurance premiums shrink as a result. 

#4 Crushing the competition: how to dominate the game

Better resource deployment, more effective cost management and more efficient project management are a sure way to gain competitive advantage in the construction sector. However, without the use of technology attaining such a competitive advantage is not a realistic option. Now, let’s talk about the big “C” word: competition. Tech and digitization can take you from being just another player in the game to being the MVP. How? By giving you the power to seamlessly collaborate. Digital data flows increase transparency and empower collaboration and project management. This makes it far easier to share updates, exchange ideas, plan and resolve issues faster than ever before. No more endless email chains or missed messages. You’ll be the king or queen of collaboration, and that’s a game-changer.

#5 Radically improving your decision-making game

It’s not just about collaboration – it’s about making smarter decisions too. Tech and digitization help you assess risks, plan better, and avoid costly mistakes. That means you can spot potential delays, risks, conflicts, and safety hazards early on. Then you can adjust your plans accordingly, always focused on optimizing resources to ensure next-level project management capabilities. Equipped with this insight, your projects will run more smoothly, become more cost efficient and will deliver optimal profits. 

Get with the times: Going digital made effortless


Trusstor will supercharge your digital transformation and turn your field managers, site engineers, project managers and construction executives into superheroes with x-ray vision to see and understand the status of your construction sites in realtime. 


Everything will become transparent with the real-time tracking of workers, tools, and equipment. This flow of data creates a world of analytics to inform better decision making across every square inch of every construction site. And get this, my friends: it’s plug and play! No need for fancy infrastructure, cables, or power supplies. Trusstor can even work with your existing IT systems, using their data. Talk about convenience. This means your on-site activities become crystal clear and traceable in a split second.


So there you have it. Tech and digitization are your ticket to competitive and cost advantages. Embrace the power of efficiency, collaboration, smarter decision-making, and start saving some cold hard cash and become a superstar of the construction game.

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