It’s more than a super system

We’ve created the best tool for innovative teams to enhance construction efficiency and safety,
made by construction for construction using technology

Real-time Overseeing

Full site visibility- immediate status of all on-site resources – personnel, equipment, tools and materials.

Analyse and measure required activities progress rate as part of the daily routine to maintain critical path deviation to a minimum.

Get notified in real time on events that are of interest to you and gain full control over the working environment.

Workflow & Activities Sequences

Plan and execute your workflow and activities sequences with an easy-to-use digital workplan based on the “Last Planner” concept.

Get a precise and measurable insight on the progression and execution of the ongoing workplan, reallocate resources to correct and modify in order to maintain critical path.

Structure a common language and ensure all activities are clear and actionable with the required resources.

Summaries and Analysis

A periodical (Quarterly / Annual) deep-dive analysis providing insight and key issues

Understand the correlation between the work resources at-hand, the activities planned and the safety summary extract to get an executive summary of the daily / period site status.

Fully Customizable

Each site has it’s own language and preferred terminology – use your own to customize the subcontractors, management team and everyone in the working environment to fit your style.

The Trusstor Personnel Tags are reusable, allocate a tag to every new worker on site with 3-clicks, providing you full understanding of your operational resources on-site

Create your own custom permissions in accordance with your organizational or geographical location regulations and requirements – from limited areas to specialized safety events.


The first rule of improving the safety standards in construction sites is knowing. A clear and concise summary highlighting the critical safety issues that have happened and are to be addressed.

Trusstor provides a significant advantage by having an extra set of eyes in each working environment, ensuring safety regulations are maintained and preserved as demanded. In an event of breach of regulation the system conveys the information in an efficient and easy way.

Every person counts. As part of this methodology, Trusstor invested heavily in enabling a personal impact feature – the SOS button is to be used by all in an event they feel might be unsafe for them or their colleagues.

Don’t miss this opportunity.