Cracking the Code to Solve Critical Construction Problems in Real-time

Omri Sorek, Trusstor CEO & Co-founder :


When construction costs start going up, you know what happens? Profit margins start to shrink. And that’s a real headache, especially for an industry that’s already known for having thin margins. It often feels like any little hiccup or extra expense can mess up a whole project, and that’s a big deal. So, it’s no wonder construction firms feel like they’re walking on a tightrope all the time. But even with raw materials and skilled labor costs climbing and inflation taking a bite out of our bottom line, we can take action. 


To highlight how help is at hand, we dug into the nitty-gritty by crunching operations data from three top-notch general contractors, and discovered how they successfully handled critical on-site problems by deploying Trusstor’s no-fuss, non-invasive IoT wearables solution. So, let’s dive right in and take a closer look.

1. Knowing what the heck is going on (right now)

It’s seriously freaky how little managers can see when it comes to what’s happening on-site at any given time. Worse still, they can’t even compare in real time what is actually happening to the planned activities that were scheduled.

Trusstor has got you covered by empowering you to understand the status of your construction sites in an instant. This enables you to check the real-time status and progress of on-site activities, the allocation of workers and other key resources around a site, ensuring a flow of data to ensure better decision making across every square inch of every construction site — whether you’re on a computer or using a mobile. 

Time spent on daily site status updates

  • Before Trusstor: 1.5 hours
  • After Trusstor: 22 mins

2. Reaction time when the ‘you know what’ hits the fan

Construction sites can be chaotic places, filled with friction and bottlenecks. And when the unexpected strikes – accidents, equipment malfunctioning or insufficient resource deployment – bam! Projects can go off the rails in no time. Identifying critical issues and acting fast will save you time, money, and the headache of potential trouble. But old-school manual oversight just doesn’t hack it anymore. 

Trusstor delivers real-time, digital insights to immediately identify when urgent issues arise to decrease the time it takes to act, helping manage costs, optimize efficiency and maintain safety standards.

Critical issue identification and time to action

  • Before Trusstor: 3 days
  • After Trusstor: 0.5 days

3. The oh-so-time-consuming and often inaccurate daily roll call

Let’s face it, manually logging and accounting for workers on-site using a daily on-site roll call is a pain. Even when sites try using turnstiles and counting gadgets, they are prone to errors when workers bypass these devices or they fall prey to power cuts. 

This problem can be quickly remedied using Trusstor’s IoT wearables to automatically track workers through every square foot of the site to give real-time transparent visibility of everywhere people are working.

Time spent creating daily logs

  • Before Trusstor: 1 hour per manager / day
  • After Trusstor: 0 hours

4. The headache of trying to sync with subcontractors

Construction sites can be like mazes of complexity, full of interdependent projects and teams. And with subcontractors performing as much as 80% of the work, managing them is a critical task. Failure to keep them in check means things can go from smooth sailing to a total trainwreck in a second. The result will be skyrocketing costs and derailed projects.


To ensure construction sites run smoothly, Trusstor automatically monitors the progress of all projects and uses an automated performance analysis of subs to ensure accurate reporting of their progress.

Time spent weekly by each manager syncing with subcontractors

  • Before Trusstor: 2 hours
  • After Trusstor: 25 mins

5. Shedding light on what is going on site

Ensuring daily workers operate efficiently and are where they need to be is no easy task. When they are working in the wrong place, at the wrong time, on the wrong activity it impacts costs, scheduling, productivity and safety management. 


Trusstor allows for the real-time overview and transparency of all on-site workers as they move around a construction site giving the ability to compare the planned allocation against actual worker deployment at any given time.

Discrepancies between planned and actual daily worker timesheets

  • Before Trusstor: 29% 
  • After Trusstor: 6%

6. Making sure hoists do all the heavy lifting

The management of hoists is key to getting the job done on time. But here’s the catch – you have to efficiently manage and deploy those hoists to make it all work like magic. Failure to do so wastes time, eats into budgets and will quickly impact productivity.


Trusstor delivers a complete hoist analysis, including usage monitoring, related activities, bottlenecks and critical path, urgencies and site conditions to ensure hoist usage is transparent and optimized.

Time spent waiting on hoist on a daily basis

  • Before Trusstor: 25 mins
  • After Trusstor: 7 mins

7. When equipment goes MIA

Equipment on construction sites have a knack for going MIA, where trying to locate tools can be like a wild scavenger hunt, but way less fun. Not only that, but it throws a wrench in the works for managers who are trying to allocate equipment and keep tabs on usage.


Trusstor instantly enables the real-time on-site location of equipment, in addition to an automated usage log and archive. This brings unrivaled transparency to the location, deployment and usage of equipment saving time and money.

Time spent on a daily equipment management

  • Before Trusstor: 15 mins
  • After Trusstor: 2 mins

8. Time is money, and every second counts

Estimating timelines for projects should be like a fine science, but are often just educated guesstimates. And when timelines go haywire, it’s a domino effect. 


Trusstor gives visibility of the progress of projects in real-time, detailing the progress on each construction milestone. This means managers can see tasks completed on time, and the overall task completion rate trend, improving decision making, while informing optimum resource allocation for each stage of each project.

Over/under estimating activity duration

  • Before Trusstor: 35%
  • After Trusstor: 10%

A game-changer for managing costs, risks and liabilities

Trusstor was developed by builders for builders to solve the daily challenges that are part of daily life on construction sites. To achieve this, Trusstor smoothly fits into on-site life. This provides instant visibility of everything happening on a site and allows managers to track on-site progress in real-time. 


So when it comes to dealing with the everyday issues that face construction sites, Trusstor is a real game-changer and instantly helps control costs, manage risks and minimize liabilities.

Discover how Trusstor can help you solve critical construction issues in an instant. Schedule a demo now — https://trusstor.com/contact/

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