Construction in the age of intelligent machines

Digital transformation in the construction industry

The age of intelligent machines has arrived in construction, with the promise of amplifying not just buildings but also how we build them.  

Thirty years since the acceleration of digital transformation and 15 years since the introduction of mobile smartphones, all industries and sectors are undergoing different stages of transformation. Although the construction industry seems slow to adopt digital tools, it was actually one of the earliest to shift to mobile communication and computer-aided design solutions. Furthermore, leading construction companies soon identified the advantages of enterprise solutions, and in the past 20 years, we’ve seen steady adoption of ERP, CRM, and Cloud solutions in the construction industry. 

“Digital Transformation involves digital technology adoption within every company department, profoundly transforming the way you work and how you provide consumers with quality products and services. It is also a paradigm shift that allows companies to actively disrupt the status quo and test uncertainty “


Despite digital transformations that swept through all sectors of the enterprise world, construction sites innovations remained centered around material and building elements innovations until a few years ago. But it all changed about ten years ago. The ubiquity of smart devices and accessible technologies have reached the construction sites and gradually infiltrated one of the largest manufacturing sectors – building. 

Through Industry 4.0 initiatives, a steady flow of intelligent machines is injected into construction sites. For example, mobile-based reporting, smart cranes, computer vision-based inspection tools, and various sensors, alongside connected work tools, have become standard in many construction sites and complete the first generation of construction intelligence. 

The first generation of Construction intelligence brought to the construction sites tools for doing the same, but more. Mobile apps, cameras, drones, and equipment automation allowed site teams to do things faster, access and save more data straight from the construction areas, and get things done faster. And prepare the ground for the next generation of construction intelligence – allowing site managers to outsmart challenges.

The next generation of construction intelligence is the necessary infrastructure for data-driven construction – using intelligent machines that won’t only bring more information to the table but also crunch the numbers to provide valuable insights and recommendations. And that’s what we do at Trusstor.

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