Comprehensive data solutions for industry 4.0 that work

Industry 4.0 is in full focus. However, adjusting traditional production lines to the needs of the 21st-century economy requires streamlining all facets of transformations. At Trusstor, we’ve identified a critical intersection of needs for generating high-impact transformations by industry 4.0 adopters. 

As industry 4.0 innovations mature, innovations move from pilot sites to standardized and scaled adoption. Along the way, technologies and tools are being evaluated with greater scrutiny, which makes the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of individuals, companies and stakeholders, material to success. Digital transformations grounded in automation, data, communications, and sophisticated analytics need to fit everyone – especially in construction sites, where promises are quickly cashed or thrown. 

Here are our three rules for data-driven solutions that work: 

  1. Data should be easy to create. if individuals need to work hard to produce data and insights, they won’t (unless forced), and organizations won’t benefit from potential insights 
  2. Data is key but not the goal. The goal is insights. if insights are not clear and practical, they won’t drive changes forward 
  3. Insights need to drive significant improvements. And… here’s a catch. Significant improvements vary between different practitioners, which means the insights need to be broad. 

Gathering data, processing it, and delivering it back concisely and at need is a growing specialty in the construction tech space. Companies like PlanGrid (Autodesk), VersatileWorkersenseBuildots, and others, contributors to construction 4.0, make transformation through data easier and pave the way toward insight-driven management that will compliment protocol-driven management to make it more agile and responsive. 

Trusstor’s data-driven visibility is designed for easy deployment, transformative insights, and significant improvement, which encourages teams on-site to embrace the benefits of data-driven construction.

We constantly focus on attending to the comprehensive requirements from data solutions because we see how industry 4.0 initiatives have reached the stage in which shifts from digital transformation to digital utilization happen at encouraging and inspiring speed. 

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