Seeing the connection between people and risks

The three most significant risks in construction projects are project delays, safety concerns, and cost overruns. The responsibility for these problems can vary depending on the specific situation and the type of project, but typically it rests with the builders or construction company.  The usual suspected causes of these problems include inadequate planning, poor communication […]

Making reality your best advisor

If you could be in all places at all times, you could have seen many improvement opportunities. With Trusstor’s C2 Suite, you can be everywhere and always. And you’ll be amazed by what you will discover.  Did you know that workers spend around 15% of their time waiting for elevators? Crazy… isn’t it? But when […]

Don’t be AVG; check your AVP

Construction project managers face many challenges when monitoring the gap between actual and planned work. Keeping track of all the active tasks, timelines, costs, and resources involved in a project can be a difficult and time-consuming task, and it can be hard to identify when actual work has diverged from the initial plan. To make […]

Closer to the advantages of lean construction and further from the challenges.

1/ Lean principles Lean construction practices help reduce project costs, improve quality, and shorten delivery times. They can also help reduce work cycle times, which leads to improved productivity and better partner satisfaction. Additionally, Lean Construction encourages collaboration between stakeholders and helps to reduce the risk of errors and rework. Lean construction is a project […]

Finding the silver thread. 

Construction technologies help us improve construction operations and transform towards industry 4.0, but with the significant advancements in construction technologies, a calculated decision is now in place. Where do we start improving the business of construction?  Making sense of construction technologies  We can organize construction technologies into different dimensions:  Making progress toward industry 4.0  General […]

The construction advantage  

Managing a construction site is an unfair task. On a typical day, you will find 10 managers on the site and 200 workers. Unless site managers can be in all the work areas all the time, it’s hard to keep track of works.  But this changes now – site managers can be everywhere and see […]

How to prosper during hard times  

The next generation of command and control platforms for construction management guarantee improvements, even in chaotic times.  When material costs rise, supply chains delay, and the bargaining power of subcontractors and professional labor increases – operations improvements become a crucial factor in General Contractors’ success.  Construction costs have risen by fifteen to twenty-five percent over the past […]

Five tips for project engineers who want to become construction-tech champions.  

Managing construction projects is a demanding task. And it’s becoming even more challenging in the age of accelerated change and industry 4.0.  Contrary to common observations, construction practices are far from staying unchanged. On the contrary, new building materials, equipment, processes, and requirements steadily push innovation forward in the construction industry, and the art of […]

Why we believe in Construction Tech 

Construction is among the most significant industries globally. It has many unmet needs that are still unattended. All the signals indicate that the industry’s thirst for innovation is steadily growing. It’s not quite the walk in the park yet, but even though,  we believe highly in construction tech. We think you should also be curious […]

Comprehensive data solutions for industry 4.0 that work

Industry 4.0 is in full focus. However, adjusting traditional production lines to the needs of the 21st-century economy requires streamlining all facets of transformations. At Trusstor, we’ve identified a critical intersection of needs for generating high-impact transformations by industry 4.0 adopters.  As industry 4.0 innovations mature, innovations move from pilot sites to standardized and scaled adoption. […]