We are Trusstor

We brought together a delicate balance of industry experts and technology leaders to create a game-changing product for the construction world.

When Industry
and technology collide

Trusstor is the outcome of two worlds merging into one – domain expertise and technology mastery. A deep understanding of the construction world, the challenges and opportunities it brings, and how to make an impact using the most advanced technology offered with a broad vision.

Today's Vision -
Tomorrow's Reality

Harnessing the power of technology to create the best solution for innovative teams. Leveraging data into groundbreaking actionable insights, enabling complete visibility. Apply zero-touch digitization to enhance construction efficiency and safety. Impacting the entire industry from within, transforming the process into an intelligent, agile, knowledgeable action. Affecting all stakeholders, making them better.

Our Values


striving to lead the industry into the era of digitization


led by strong moral principles and standards


Collaboration, Ideation, Implementation, and Value Creation


absolute responsibility for the actions done by and using Trusstor


full dedication to making the industry more efficient and safer


Help construction teams interact and perform better

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