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A global general contractor expands use of Trusstor after increasing on-site cost efficiencies and safety

By: Marketing Team
25 June 2023
5 min

Extending its use of Trusstor across eleven of its fifty-two construction sites comes after pilot project showed the construction firm the potential to boost efficiencies, while promoting collaboration and transparency. It is currently planning onboarding all company sites.

“Trusstor enables us to save approximately $8,000 per month just by automatically and accurately tracking daily worker hours, but it has also become a key tool to help us increase the transparency of on-site collaboration.”

CEO of a mid-size Construction Firm with projects running across the US, EMEA and the Middle East.


A leading innovator in construction

The initial implementation of Trusstor was by a mid-size construction and infrastructure firm. The Group’s outstanding planning and execution capabilities enable it to carry out complex projects in the US, EMEA and the Middle East, combining managerial and engineering excellence, advanced building methods, stringent safety measures, and uncompromising service.


Taking the first step towards digital transformation

Daily workers represent about 10-15% of the workforce on each of the firm’s construction sites. Tracking their hours and progress accurately has always been a key challenge for the construction sector and is essential to help ensure projects keep within budget and on time.

The construction company was experiencing two main challenges in monitoring and managing daily workers on site:


1.False reporting that impacted efficiency

With so many workers, managers struggled to accurately keep track with activities during work hours – and trying to do so consumed much of their time.

2.Inaccurate recording of start and end of working day impact costs

Manually, identifying when a worker started and ended their working day on-site was also problematic. The inability to actually record the difference between the arrival on site, and the actual start of work was also identified as an area of potential financial loss. For example, some workers could arrive on site at 6:30am, but could actually start working at 7:30am. The firm was eager to turn to technology to help resolve these issues.

Existing tech solutions were failing to deliver

Turnstiles were used to monitor access to the build sites, but failed because, like similar solutions, workers could bypass the turnstiles to enter and leave. They were also susceptible to power outages and connectivity issues.

It had implemented a mobile app to track the time daily workers spent on site. However, manual alterations to this system occurred when employees forgot to present the app for approval to their foreman or disputed the hours that had been logged. This again impacted accuracy, with 85% of hourly reports receiving manual updating 30% of the time, and approval by a project manager.

When the CEO discovered that Trusstor could save his company 15% of the current budget allocated for day workers by implementing a zero-intrusion, minimum-resources solution with fast, frictionless deployment, he gave the go ahead to roll out the solution in one construction site — a 50-floor residential tower in the heart of Tel Aviv.


The solution delivers automatic & accurate reporting to immediately cut costs

After consulting with the management team, Trusstor defined one key KPI for the initial pilot project: ‘Increase the ability to monitor the attendance and efficiency of daily workers — reporting hours and removing the need for manual correction’.

The next step was to set-up beacons and assign personal tags to deliver a single source of truth for the monitoring of daily workers’ hours.


Easy, fast and seamless implementation

The Trusstor team was committed to the success of the pilot and even visited the site during the implementation stage, guiding the onsite team how to install the beacons, set up user profiles by profession and initiated several on-site training sessions.

The team was up and running with Trusstor’s solution within 3 days.

A champion from the on-site project management team (a total of two were used on separate occasions during the project) was put in charge of the compliance and enforcement of using the tags among the day workers. Trusstors’ analysis was then compared to the standard manual reporting currently in use onsite.

Personal Tags
Million Data Points

The results

To demonstrate the effectiveness, the time sheets for a group of workers were analyzed by Trusstor for this project and compared to the company’s time logs.

For example, Trusstor’s report showed the difference between the arrival time of workers to the site and the time they actually started to work — 28 minutes. This difference for all the workers was costing $3,500 per month.

Having these employees use Trusstor, the projected on-site savings for the company was a total of around $22,000 per month. This includes:


Workers Hours Saves / Month
Overall Efficiency Saves / Month

Accuracy and accountability that builds trust

With the construction industry struggling to build a culture of transparent collaboration, the accurate and automatic recording of day worker hours is helping the construction firm to build and increase trust.

Several workers challenged the payment they had received according to the manual hourly logs used. When Trusstor’s timesheet was checked for these employees the accurate report matched the actual hours they said they had worked, and helped resolve the issue in their favor.

Trusstor can play a key role in validating queries by workers, so that when they wear a tag their hours will be automatically accounted for rather than relying on manual updating and approval by an on-site foreman.


Future expansion and KPIs

After completing phase one of the project to successfully manage the on-site attendance of daily workers, the implementation of Trusstor is being expanded across six construction sites. These new sites use specific KPIs to monitor the success, such as:

Decrease status updates from days to seconds
Increase management collaboration
Increase control and tracking of on-site activities
Use data to resolve conflicts between stakeholders
Increase control over hours workers spend operating heavy machinery
Decrease conflicts regarding number of workers and working hours
Improve ability to monitor attendance of daily workers

The overall goal is to empower the construction company through digital transformation to not only cut costs and optimize efficiency, but to raise safety standards and benefit through more-knowledgeable-than-ever decision making, real-time crisis control and daily on-site problem solving.

Discover how Trusstor’s  construction operations platform can help you make a confident leap into your next step towards digital transformation — Book a demo today.

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