Five tips for project engineers who want to become construction-tech champions.  

Managing construction projects is a demanding task. And it’s becoming even more challenging in the age of accelerated change and industry 4.0.  Contrary to common observations, construction practices are far from staying unchanged. On the contrary, new building materials, equipment, processes, and requirements steadily push innovation forward in the construction industry, and the art of […]

Why we believe in Construction Tech 

Construction is among the most significant industries globally. It has many unmet needs that are still unattended. All the signals indicate that the industry’s thirst for innovation is steadily growing. It’s not quite the walk in the park yet, but even though,  we believe highly in construction tech. We think you should also be curious […]

Comprehensive data solutions for industry 4.0 that work

Industry 4.0 is in full focus. However, adjusting traditional production lines to the needs of the 21st-century economy requires streamlining all facets of transformations. At Trusstor, we’ve identified a critical intersection of needs for generating high-impact transformations by industry 4.0 adopters.  As industry 4.0 innovations mature, innovations move from pilot sites to standardized and scaled adoption. […]

Construction in the age of intelligent machines

Digital transformation in the construction industry The age of intelligent machines has arrived in construction, with the promise of amplifying not just buildings but also how we build them.   Thirty years since the acceleration of digital transformation and 15 years since the introduction of mobile smartphones, all industries and sectors are undergoing different stages of […]

How Industries Transform

All industries transform. It’s not a question of if; it’s a question of when. But the answer to when is not measured in dates; it’s measured in conditions. The speed at which industries transform and the quality of transformation are guided by a delicate relationship between individuals, organizations, and stakeholders.  Individual developers and adopters transform […]