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Know better. Build smarter

    Instant knowledge streamlines operations

    Trusstor is a construction management platform bringing together a zero-intrusion IoT solution with advanced oversight, reporting and construction analytics capabilities to enable one single source of truth of how a build site is, and should be, performing.

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    cut costs, optimize efficiency and raise safety standards
    We drive builders to immediately cut costs, optimize efficiency and raise safety standards

    through more informed decision making, real-time crisis control and daily on-site problem solving − at all levels, with maximum speed.

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    Distribute personal badges and beacons around your site

    • Zero-intrusion and minimum resources
    • No connectivity challenges
    • No privacy concerns

    Get instant oversight and alerts you can trust

    Optimizing progress monitoring, asset utilization and safety management

    The more we’re in use, the smarter you get

    We turn supers into heroes that respond at maximum speed while giving managers super-vision-powers

    Build your very own knowledge base

    Get actionable insights and benchmarks that are tailored to your site and workflows and drive you to simply build better

    When you know better,
    you can start building smarter
    Time to value

    Dynamic workplan and progress monitor, combined

    We enable managers to continually optimize their plans with minimum effort, allowing daily problem solving at maximum speed, accelerating activity sequence and saving 0.5 project days per month

    • Frictionless plan import and sync (integrated with MS Projects / Oracle Primavera / Procore / other planning solutions)
    • Project progress and health monitoring
    • Instant rescheduling and resource allocation
    • Real-time visibility of activities performed that saves on re-works
    • Always up-to-date view of actual vs. planned activities
    Overall site efficiency

    Time reduced per month = 0.5 days

    $3,850 Savings per month

    Automated compliant daily logs, for everyone

    Trusted daily logs at no time, requiring no work, minimizing risk and liability

    • Auto-generated reports set new compliance standards
    • Easily integrated with your corporate systems 
    • Subcontractor view permissions boost cooperation and collaboration
    Log creation per day

    Time spent per manager = 60 min

    21 hrs $945 Savings per month

    Managers = 1


    Monitor machine and process health

    Track production processes and heavy equipment utilization to cut downtime costs, boost efficiency and ensure safety in job sites, concrete precast plants, and prefabricated build factories.

    • Cost reduction through predictive maintenance
    • Proactive maintenance alerts
    • Smart analysis for improved throughput
    • Production line activity monitoring
    • Comprehensive equipment performance reports (OEE).
    Machine downtime

    Breakdowns for year = 4

    $6,000 savings per month

    Time to repair = 48 hours

    Improved throughput

    Units produced per month = 1560

    $11,700 Additional profit per month

    Unit price = $75

    Throughput time reduced = -10%


    Friction-free industrial worker management

    Effortless worker tracking, ensuring fair pay, productivity, and safety

    • 10% decrease in worker salary costs
    • Continuous visibility over workers and production lines
    • Worker timesheets and automated logs
    • Conflict-free payments
    • Cross referenced production analytics
    • Accelerated incident response
    Worker salary costs

    Total revenue gained

    - 10%
    On-site role call Per day

    Role calls per day = 2

    34.7 hrs $1388 Savings per month

    Managers = 2

    Daily time spent = 20 min


    Structure phase orchestration

    Fully visible, monitored, and synchronized operations from the onset of on-site work to hand-off.

    • Pre-configured structure sequences and progress monitoring
    • Streamlined handoff processes and issues management
    • Enhanced stakeholder collaboration
    • Concrete pump predictive maintenance alerts and reporting
    Streamlined project management per month

    savings per month

    1 work day
    Activities & handoff management

    Managers = 4

    $1,171 Savings per month

    Time spent per week = 30 min


    Custom operations alerts

    Create tailored notifications and alerts before and during operations

    • Site condition alerts
    • Behavioral alerts
    • Location based-alerts
    • Actual vs. planned alerts

    Bridge the on-site off-site gap with standardized communications

    A customizable project dashboard achieving Complete real-time and reported visibility of overall workers and resources, through every square foot of your site

    • Real-time progress-monitoring 
    • Less phone calls
    • Minimum reporting errors
    • One single source of truth
    • Instantly sharable knowledge, streamlining collaboration with corporate 

    Executive view of multiple sites

    One centralized performance monitoring dashboard – giving executives super-vision powers and the ability to make better decisions X2 faster, at all levels

    • Efficiency score 
    • Safety score 
    • High-level site progress tracker 
    • Link to site monitors and summaries

    Safety alerts

    Knowing better means you always stay ahead of the curve

    • Real-time safety violation notifications
    • Certification management and alerts
    • Deny access of uncertified workers or unauthorized visitors to predefined locations
    • Custom environmental rules and alerts
    Safety violation fines

    Avg. fine  = $2,500

    $208 Savings per month

    Fines prevented = 3


    Payment conflict mitigation

    You get a single source of truth to investigate, negotiate and manage your position in financial conflicts

    • Daily workers hours monitoring, reporting and analysis
    • Keep track of subcontractors reports before they become over-billing
    Daily-workers payroll

    % of workforce = 10%

    $15,680 Savings per month

    Time not working = 10%

    Workers off-site = 5%


    Walkaround optimization

    Putting an end to ‘blind’ walkarounds
    achieving 30% time reduction

    • On-site mobile app
    • Real-time activity monitor
    • Suggested walkarounds
    • Covering 100% of the site, everyday
    Time spent per manager

    Managers per day = 2

    42 hrs $1,890 savings per month

    Time spent per manager per day = 300 min

    Time reduced = -20%

    Time spent per manager

    Managers per night = 1

    9.5 hrs $425 savings per month

    Time spent by manager per night = 90 min

    Time reduced = -30%


    Real-time safety incident management

    We empower managers to respond well, and fast – saving time that saves lives

    • Worker distress button
    • Live location monitoring
    • Auto-notify managers at closest proximity
    • Instant full visibility of everyone on site
    • Automated reports
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    Why tech can now promise builders an era of reduced liabilities and risk

    Construction sites are no walk in the park. On-site accidents and potential liability lurk around every corner. And given the amount of hazards, heavy-duty machinery, power tools and people in play, building sites can be a nightmare waiting to happen.

    Making supers into super-heros

    A customizable project dashboard puts an end to 'blind' walkabouts by showing real-time data of all activities involving workers, equipment and resources across every square foot of your site.

    Operations features

    Know better, build safer

    Safety violation notifications and incident alerts dramatically boost real-time safety management, meaning managers are empowered to respond well, and Fast. This is further boosted by worker distress buttons, auto-notification of managers at closest proximity and automated incident reports.

    Safety features
    Safety features

    Build your own GC knowledge base

    Get actionable insights and benchmarks, tailored to your site, with advanced digitized documentation, data aggregation and analysis, cross-referencing all operational data throughout the entire site.

    Analytics features
    site analytics features
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    how you can cut costs, optimize efficiency, raise safety standards, and start building smarter.