Command & Control solution
for the construction industry

Make your construction site a safer
and more productive working environment

Response Time

Reduce the time between an unplanned event to management awareness and minimize response time from days to minutes.

Simple Solution For Complex Problems

Trusstor is designed to assist without creating additional overhead. A plug & play setup approach and fully automated daily operations.


Provide site management with actionable data-driven productivity and safety insight.

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Track personnel, materials, equipment and tools within the site for peak performance.

Smart Reports

A simple and efficient automated report generator.

Safety Is Profitable

Trusstor enables safety supervision by monitoring the working methodology and provides real-time alerts.

The New Reality COVID-19

Trusstor is committed to protecting the health and safety of all site personnel.

The Flow of Data

Integrated IoT and software to connect the field to the system.

Harvest on-site data using Trusstor’s proprietary Smart-Tags and Site conditions sensors.

Displaying the data using our intelligible dashboard and maximize site visibility to support the different management functions’ needs.

Providing actionable data-driven insights using predictive models and pattern recognition to optimize productivity and safety.

Trusted by worldwide leading companies

From construction giants to leading technological companies

News And Events

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Trusstor is Bringing AI to Construction to Enhance Safety and Optimize Project Management

Meeting Peri in Germany

We’ve had the great privilege to be officially invited and hosted to the Peri HQ in Ulm.

North Rhine-Westphalia delegation

Proud to present Trusstor to the Premier of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and his honored delegation.

BUILTWORLD Innovation Contest 2020

We’ve made to it the semi-finals!

Boost your productivity and safety by joining the growing list of companies using Trusstor!