Oversee Analyze Measure Advance construction using the best solution for innovative teams

We digitize construction, helping you shape your site data into insights.
Enhancing efficiency and safety, improving profit margins, and saving lives.

Why Trusstor

Fully digitize your construction sites with a click of a button, obtain never before insights to maximize site efficiency, while improving safety standards.


A Plug & Play setup designed for construction - no pre-existing infrastructure required.

Full site

Minimize the time between unplanned events to management awareness, from days to minutes.

Data derived
decision making

Shaping data into actionable insights based on status, building process and work sequences.


Enhance on-site execution from day one using an easy-to-use on-cloud web application.

A new vision for construction

Real-time Dashboard

Oversee resources location and allocation in real-time, exercising Trusstor’s core value of visibility. The dashboard conveys data, insights, and alerts, becoming a critical source of information, creating valuable impact with minimum interaction.

Digital Last Planner

Plan and execute your workflow and activities sequences with an easy-to-use digital workplan based on the “Last Planner” concept. Structure a common language and ensure all activities are clear and actionable with the required resources.

Actionable Summaries

Analyze data to improve the process while in process.
Measure achievements and milestones, comparing actual vs. planned with on-demand summaries.
Help site management better review project status and plan ahead.

We are trusted by

The Biggest thing to hit construction since the hammer!
Andy B. | Project Engineer, UK
Trusstor has created a new state of mind for me, knowing everything in my working environment allows me to focus on the pressing matters
Guy S. | Chief Engineer, Israel
The time saved with Trusstor enables our team to push the workflow into a never before timeline, cutting back on budget and hitting deadline
John K. | Formen, USA
The abilities enabled by Trusstor made my team see the bigger picture, understand faster where are we in terms of status and react even faster - the site has never been so efficient and safer
Darren O. | Project Manager, USA
We get carried away in the burning issues of the day-to-day that we lose track on the critical path of the project, affecting budget and time-line. Getting Trusstor has re-synced our focus points, all while putting out fires quicker
Rami N. | Project Planner, UAE
Safety in construction sites divides into 2 - knowing that there is an event and dealing with it - both made shorter and more efficient using Trusstor
Pavlos P. | Safety Manager, USA
I’ve been a part of this industry for the past 25 years, sew all the solutions offered and for the first time - it is plug&play and it is impacting our lives from day 1
Greg M. | Project Manager, USA

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